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I am currently in Step 3 of the processing on getting an oauth token/secret from an user trying to login via Twitter. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/auth/implementing-sign-twitter

Step 3 tells me to send this request to the API, but I am stuck as to how to do so. I currently have BOTH the oauth_token and oauth_verifier, but how do I send this POST request to get the oauth_token, oauth_token_secret pair?

Is there a standard Oauth Ruby gem I can use to send this POST request? I see examples online where I pass an @accessToken object, but i do not have such an object available. I just have the oauth_token and oauth_verifier (as strings). Given these 2 things, how do I convert them to an oauth_token and oauth_token_secret?

POST /oauth/access_token HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: themattharris' HTTP Client
Host: api.twitter.com
Accept: */*
Authorization: OAuth oauth_consumer_key="cChZNFj6T5R0TigYB9yd1w",
Content-Length: 57
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

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yes there is the Omniauth gem for authentication with Twitter. The documentation is straight forward.

I personally use Omniauth integrated with Devise and the Twitter gem to access Twitter - works very well.

Hope this helps, Eugen

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The common procedure is the following:

  1. You shell to register your app on twitter development page.

  2. Then set the proper Name, Description, and Website values up for your application.

    App Name
    App Description
  3. Change Application Type is your app, by default it has read only access type.

  4. Setup the callback URL for yuor application:

  5. Store the all keys, and secrets that are shewn on the OAuth tool twitter page:

    Consumer key:
    Consumer secret:
    Access token:
    Access token secret:
  6. Setup route on your site with devise, or devise-like gem with the specified twitter keys, and secrets to enable authentication engine. The route list now shall include /auth/twitter path.

  7. By going to http://your_app_domain.zone:3000/auth/twitter you will be redirected to twitter site, and dropped back to your site with passed oauth_token


You simple receive those keys, and secrets, and apply then in your app, avoiding the 6, and 7 points:

client = Twitter::REST::Client.new do |config|
   config.consumer_key        = "YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY"
   config.consumer_secret     = "YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET"
   config.access_token        = "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"
   config.access_token_secret = "YOUR_ACCESS_SECRET"
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Try something like the following rails controller actions, using the twitter and oauth gems:

  def redirect
    consumer = OAuth::Consumer.new(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET, {
      :site => "https://api.twitter.com", 
      :scheme => :header

    request_token = consumer.get_request_token(:oauth_callback => CALLBACK_URL)
    session[:twitter_request_token] = request_token

    redirect_to request_token.authorize_url #=> "https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=XYZ"

  def callback
    request_token = session[:twitter_request_token]

    access_token = request_token.get_access_token(:oauth_verifier => params[:oauth_verifier])
    client = Twitter::REST::Client.new(
      :consumer_key => CONSUMER_KEY,
      :consumer_secret => CONSUMER_SECRET,
      :access_token => access_token.token,
      :access_token_secret => access_token.secret
    twitter_user = client.user

    redirect_to root_url # or do something with the twitter_user

See also: http://barkingiguana.com/2009/10/13/twitter-oauth-authentication-using-ruby/

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