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Is it possible to format a xml string in Vala? I have used libxml, Xml.TextWriter class to create a xml file, but I need to create string and procces them in my program.

I want send formated string via network socket to operate them in a remote process in another host.

Using Xml.TextWriter constructor method require to determine and create a file. It seems ridiculous to read file again that only send the readed string.

Is it possible to format xml string inside Vala program?

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Yes. You can use SaveCtxt, which uses callbacks. Thought the binding for xmlOutputWriteCallback seems to be missing the first argument containing the context. Might be easiest to do this in C and pass the result back into Vala.

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Usage is unclear. –  Ocelpers Jan 27 '14 at 20:40

Try Xml.Doc.dump_memory_format. There is an example in C on libxml's web site, for Vala it would be something like:

Xml.Doc doc = ...;
string xml_string;
int xml_string_len;

doc.dump_memory_format (out xml_string, out xml_string_len);
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