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I have my calendar pulling events nicely from my RESTful api using the methods described here: http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/docs/event_data/events_function/

So everything works fine when clicking the "next" and "previous" buttons to navigate between months. But how can I get events to reload for the current view using javascript?

For example, in my app the are actions that have side effects of creating Events in my back-end. And when those actions are performed, I would like the events to appear on the calendar via a calendar event re-load.

Currently, if I want my new event to show up, I have to go back and forth a month.

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if you want to add an event using javascript I suggest you do

$('#calendar').fullCalendar('renderEvent', {
                id: split[0],
                title: _EventName,
                start: _EventDateStart,
                end: _EventDateEnd,
                allDay: _AllDayEvent,
                description: _EventDescription

This allows you to add events to the calendar without doing a full page reload. If you have the information at hand in your javascript you can change the values to fit it to your liking.

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I was on the fence about this approach, but it makes a lot of sense and will save quite a few calls to the API. I implemented and it works quite well. –  Ghandicap Jan 28 '14 at 18:14

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