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Like crontab in linux,is there a solution?

I mean,it's run at a specific time,for instance,12 o'click every day.

So it's not services.msc

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Did you mean "which programs are routinely run?" or "which programs have been scheduled to run?". Please clarify. –  gerryLowry Jan 26 '10 at 1:39
I know there are lots of helpful answers, but this should really be a Serverfault question. –  Tom Duckering Jan 26 '10 at 1:40
Oh,it should be scheduled to run. –  user198729 Jan 26 '10 at 1:40

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You'd want to check the Windows Scheduler, Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks.

Autoruns is a useful program that shows all sorts of stuff that runs on a windows box.

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It's called the Task Scheduler.

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The answer involves a few different tools in windows:

  1. To view the current running applications and processes you can use Task Manager or better yet the sysinternals suite of tools - in particular Process Monitor - that can be downloaded from microsoft, which provide even more info of the running processes. To get to task manager you can just do a CTRL+ALT+DELETE or right click on the windows toolbar and select Task Manager.

  2. For something like crontab, there is Task Scheduler that you can use to schedule the running of scripts, applications, etc.

  3. In windows you can also have applications running as services - similar to daemons. Under the administrative Tools in Contorl Panel you will see Services. If you double click it you will get a dialog that shows you all the services currently running. You can also create your own programs that run as services.

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its called the task scheduler, also, you can use the at command to set scheduling of task programmatically. See here for syntax

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For scheduled execution of applications or jobs, you can use the task scheduler

You can also use windows services in order to schedule long running jobs or see what services are running.

On XP, you can go to start->run and run 'services.msc' to see this list.

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Up through 2K: at.exe

On XP and beyond: schtasks.exe

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Run Windows Task Manager; right click the Task Bar or key Ctrl+Alt+Delete to launch Task Manager.

You can also run tasklist from the command line. Type

tasklist /?

for usage.

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you can also run msconfig to launch the System Configuration Utility. It will show you things like which programs are set to launch on startup and it will also let you disable/enable selected programs. –  gerryLowry Jan 26 '10 at 1:44

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