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I am setting up a VM ESX environment for our organization, there is already a setup that works, but I having a hard time understanding this as it is. The current setup uses 2 openBSD VM appliances which perform VLAN and NATting respectivley to the backend web servers that are not routable unless through the OpenBSDs which performs VLANning and translation.

Long story short, the last guy did not document the setup. So, I have tried to consolidate and confirm my understanding by adding another interface into the backend web server and tried to route it through the openbsds, by reading and adding to the pf.conf files on both, but cannot get it to work.

Then, I have found that there are 2 sets of pf.conf files; one in /etc and the other /root on both the BSDs and since I had only edited the ones in /etc, I am thinking that I am probably missing something.

I can see this is a confusing question and I can provide more details if anyone thinks they can help here.


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you might want to check the -f option of pfctl in order to load your desired confs. Also there could be a possibility that the other admin was using rc.conf.local to pfctl alt confs from there. in any case post them. –  ramrunner Jan 27 at 1:46

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