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I'm getting started with Ruby on Rails. I think some cheat sheets or reference cards would really help me to get started (specifically, with migrations).

Do you know of any cheat sheets or reference cards that would help me get started?

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Too obvious? http://appletree.or.kr/quick_reference_cards/Ruby-Ruby_on_Rails/rails-migrations.pdf

http://dizzy.co.uk/ruby_on_rails/cheatsheets/rails-migrations (no longer available)

Same cheatsheet available here: http://appletree.or.kr/quick_reference_cards/ruby-ruby%20on%20rails/rails-migrations.pdf

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Link is no longer correct (looks like dizzy.co.uk is now a parked domain). –  Mike Buckbee Aug 16 '11 at 16:57
and a new one: appletree.or.kr/quick_reference_cards/Ruby-Ruby_on_Rails/… –  fabi May 24 '12 at 9:05

cheat.errtheblog.com installs as gem and you can search from the command line.

Here's the cheat for migrations.

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