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I'd like to use the StockTwits sharing button via the WordPress jetpack sharing functionality, but it does not allow a javascript in the field (under "add a new service")

Is there a URL structure I would use to push a properly formatted request via a URL?

I had tried:


with %post_title% and %post_url% as variables that WP would fill in when clicked, but it didn't work.

Is there something similar that would function right and open a share window and populate the post in that format?


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Yes you can pass body content like the following: https://stocktwits.com/widgets/share?body=test%20title

We will look into seeing how we can support the Jetpack functionality in the future.

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Thanks, Chris, that's great. Just for knowledge, are there any attributes other than "body" that can be inserted? –  16wells Jan 30 at 2:22
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