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I know that I can disable pylint warnings by leaving a comment # pylint: disable=XXXX.

How do I do the same thing for pep257 errors?

1 C0110 Exported classes should have docstrings. [pep257]
2 C0110 Exported definitions should have docstrings. [pep257]

I am writing unit tests and (I believe) I do not need to worry about docstrings for every single test method - everything is quite self-explanatory.

I am using the https://github.com/klen/python-mode.

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Did you try setting up a pylintrc? Personally, I like to use use pyflakes.vim for within-a-file errors, and set up pylint to run from a Makefile for a project as a whole (or to run a test script along with its dependencies). –  dstromberg Jan 27 at 2:11

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Assuming you followed the recommended pathogen installation,


has a disable = line to which you may add C0110

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