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There's something wrong with my code. I typed something and pressed enter after seeing "the first string"on the screen but I saw a empty new line instead of "the second string". Then I typed something again and pressed enter again. Then I had no chance to enter the second string and got the output directly. I have tried cin.ignore() but it didn't work.

# include <iostream>
# include <string>

void main() {
    using namespace std;
    string str1;
    string str2;

    cout << "the first string" << endl;
    cout << "the second string" << endl;
    cout << str1 << endl << str2 << endl;
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It wouldn't compile for me because void main() must be int main(). Once I fixed that, it worked just fine. –  Fred Larson Jan 27 at 4:56
You'll get a compiler warning on most compilers for void main(), but the real issue is likely to be that you aren't checking to make sure the input stream is still valid, or that you aren't entering a line (that is you aren't pressing "ENTER" after your first input). Example –  Zac Howland Jan 27 at 5:12
Hi Zac, I have tried your code but I still had to enter two lines for the first getline statement.But thank you. –  Kevin Jan 27 at 5:42
Hi Fred, I have changed void main()to int main() but it still didn't work. But Thank you . –  Kevin Jan 27 at 5:45
what do you mean by two lines? what compiler are you using? In Xcode (LLVM 5.0) I got ideone.com/0rBDRO, which is what I was expecting. –  Gasim Jan 27 at 7:41

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Try this version of flushing the input buffer. This may or may not be the solution in your case, but it is worth a try:

//code code code
cin.ignore( cin.rdbuf()->in_avail() );
cin.ignore( cin.rdbuf()->in_avail() );

//code code code
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No, there're still two lines for each getline statement.But thank you. –  Kevin Jan 27 at 5:34

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