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I want to send array of object or list to app engine using endpoint API

@ApiMethod(name = "insertGroupMembers")
public List<GroupMembers> insertGroupMembers(Collection<GroupMembers> members) {
    EntityManager mgr = getEntityManager();
    List<GroupMembers> listMembers = new ArrayList<>(); 
    try {
        for (GroupMembers groupMember : members) {

    } finally {

    return listMembers;


But it shows the error at the time generating api library as follows :-

Description Resource Path Location Type There was a problem generating the API metadata for your Cloud Endpoints classes: com.google.api.server.spi.config.validation.CollectionResourceException: groupmembersendpoint.com.appbell.tagalone.GroupMembersEndpoint.insertGroupMembers parameter (type java.util.Collection): Illegal parameter type ('class com.appbell.tagalone.GroupMembers' in collection type 'java.util.Collection'). Arrays or collections of entity types are not allowed. TagAlone-AppEngine Unknown Google App Engine Cloud Endpoints Problem Marker

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I don't remember where I read it, but–if I'm not mistaken–CE does not allow arrays or lists as method parameters. Don't ask me why. The solution I remember seeing was to pass an object to the method with the list as one of the object properties.

Then your method would look like:

public List<GroupMembers> insertGroupMembers(MembersWrapper membersWrapper) {
  for (GroupMembers groupMember : membersWrapper.members) {
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