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I have a class which I want to be able to convert to json:

case class Page[T](items: Seq[T], pageIndex: Int, pageSize: Int, totalCount: Long)

object Page {

  implicit val jsonWriter: Writes[Page[_]] = Json.writes[Page[_]]

The error is No apply function found matching unapply parameters

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I'd prefer this solution with trait, but in case you do want to make your case class generic you could use one of 2 approaches.

In case you don't have to use Page[_], i.e. you'll always call toJson on Page[Int] or Seq[Page[String]], but not on Page[_] or Seq[Page[_]]:

object Page {
  implicit def pageWriter[T: Writes](): Writes[Page[T]] = Json.writes[Page[T]]

In case you have to serialize Page[_]:

case class Page[T](items: Seq[T],
                   pageIndex: Int,
                   pageSize: Int,
                   totalCount: Long)(
      implicit val tWrites: Writes[T])

object Page {
  implicit def pageWriter[T]: Writes[Page[T]] = new Writes[Page[T]] {
    def writes(o: Page[T]): JsValue = {
      implicit val tWrites = o.tWrites
      val writes = Json.writes[Page[T]]
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if the second case, where do I get implicit val tWrites: Writes[T] to provide to Page(...)? –  Alexander Supertramp Jan 27 '14 at 8:58
@Alex: compiler will find it for you. You could just use Page(Seq("abc"), 0, 1, 1) and compiler will rewrite it as Page(Seq("abc"), 0, 1, 1)(Writes.StringWrites). Object Writes is always in the search scope for implicit value of type Writes[T]. –  senia Jan 27 '14 at 9:03
The second approach causes the same error at val writes = Json.writes[Page[T]]. –  Alexander Supertramp Jan 27 '14 at 9:15
and the first one also. –  Alexander Supertramp Jan 27 '14 at 9:24
@Alex: this solution don't work - implementation of Json.writes is not fixed yet. –  senia Feb 4 '14 at 6:19

I don't think that you can have a generic writer for any type parameter. I propose following:

trait Page[T] {
  val items: Seq[T]
  val pageIndex: Int
  val pageSize: Int
  val totalCount: Long

case class IntPage(items: Seq[Int], pageIndex: Int, pageSize: Int, totalCount: Long) extends Page[Int]

object Page {
  implicit def jsonWriter = Json.writes[IntPage]
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Well, that's a lot of repetition. I have a plenty of "models", each of them has "def all(...):Page[ModelClass]" function. –  Alexander Supertramp Jan 27 '14 at 9:26

maybe you can write something like:

    case class Page(items: JsValue, pageIndex: Int, pageSize: Int, totalCount: Long)

Put the JsValue instead of the Seq[T]

here is my code example:

    case class ResponseObject(state:Int = 1,data:JsValue)

    case class City(id:Int,name:String,sort:String){
      require(id > 0)

      def list = Action {
        implicit val cityFormat:Format[City] = Json.format[City]
        implicit val responseFormat=Json.format[ResponseObject]
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You can define Format[Page[T]] for generic case class Page[T] like this:

import play.api.libs.json._
import play.api.libs.functional.syntax._

implicit def pageFormat[T: Format]: Format[Page[T]] =
  ((__ \ "items").format[Seq[T]] ~
    (__ \ "pageIndex").format[Int] ~
    (__ \ "pageSize").format[Int] ~
    (__ \ "totalCount").format[Long])(Page.apply, unlift(Page.unapply))

Although this solution requires more typing, it keeps your case class Page[T] clear of implicit parameter list or need to define concrete subclasses of Page[T].

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