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Hi, everyone.

I am investigating behavior of SPDY on android webview. So, could you tell me how to confirm that whether or not my webview is speaking SPDY? I have built a customized ROM applied the following patch.

Best regards,

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You can turn the spdy ssl off.


Then using the wireshark with SPDY plugin. If you can see the SYN_STREAM/REPLY_STERAM. Congratulations, you're using SPDY now.

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Hmm... maybe connect it to Wifi, use Wireshark or similiar tool to capture traffic your phone generates to a selected SPDY enabled website and check if it's really SPDY compatible or not according to specs.

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With wireshark you are going to get nothing, spdy goes over ssl. Your best bet is logcat. But I think cordova uses spdy:

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