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I am having one question please help me i am using find function and getting the data below this format .i want to add a full path to my image field after find

[Category] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [id] => 1
                    [name] => Chicken
                    [description] => Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur
                    [image] => 20140124121626.jpg
                    [restaurant_id] => 1

can i extendt this like 'http://website.com/files/restaurants/thumb/20140124120912.jpg'


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you can make use of afterFind to modify your array after a find operation –  Nouphal.M Jan 27 at 7:54
If you want to display image in view file, I will suggest you to use HtmlHelper to do your work. –  Rikesh Jan 27 at 7:56
is there any way like while finding concatenate string or set::extract something i am not sure .. –  sismaster Jan 27 at 7:56
Rikesh no i will encode this data for my web services so no issue of form helper –  sismaster Jan 27 at 7:57

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Try this

$this->Category->virtualFields['new_image'] = 'CONCAT(" SITE URL HERE",Category.image)';
$data = $this->Category->find('first');

hope its will help you :)

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Thanks Mate i was looking for the same :-) –  sismaster Jan 28 at 13:16
@sismaster if its useful for you , then you can vote my answer :) –  Yogesh Saroya Jan 30 at 9:46
Sorry Mate I don't have at least reputation but i will do soon once i will get .. –  sismaster Jan 30 at 11:59
no problem ..... :) –  Yogesh Saroya Jan 31 at 10:05

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