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My question is pretty similar to this one Auto number and reset count for each different column value

except that I can't make it work.

I have the table record:
ID(autoINC) plate_number
1                A
2                A 
3                A
4                B
5                B
6                C
7                C

I want to display something like this adding additional field cc:

I have the table record:
ID(autoINC) plate_number count
1                A         1
2                A         2 
3                A         3
4                B         1
5                B         2
6                C         1
7                C         2
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You can have a correlated subquery which sequentially count the row which can be used as a rownumber.

            SELECT  COUNT(*)
            FROM    tableName c
            WHERE   c.plate_number = a.plate_number AND
                    c.ID <= a.ID) AS RowNumber
FROM    TableName a
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cool, very cool... –  never Jan 27 at 8:07
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