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I have an Apache server already running some web site and I would like to set up Play Framework behind it as reverse/proxy. Play is unable to find the action parameter , only the / is found.

Action not found

For request 'GET //hello?n=wer'
These routes have been tried, in this order:

1 GET  /                 controllers.Application.index
2 GET  /hello            controllers.Application.hello(n:String)
3 GET  /assets/$file<.+> controllers.Assets.at(path:String = "/public", file:String)

The virtual host is set like that :

<VirtualHost *:80>
   ProxyPreserveHost On
   ServerName www.mysite.net
   ProxyPass /crdticket
   ProxyPassReverse /crdticket
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Might be the double slash? stackoverflow.com/questions/15186446/… –  Vanessa Jan 27 at 17:26

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