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I have a page with jquery tabs in which the user can update their Profile, Password, General in each tab.

When a user update the details in "General" tab, the post action will be called and it should retain the "General" tab back.

It can be accessed directly by calling like http://localhost:8742/User/Settings/10#General. In the url 10 is the user id.

How can i use the RedirectToAction in my asp.net mvc (C#) application to retain the "General" Tab.

I have tried like:

return RedirectToAction("Settings#General", new { Id= _user.Id });

But the above one doesn't works as it has routeValues in it. How can i retain the jquery tab after post action using RedirectToAction with routeValues ? Or How can i rewrite my above RedirectToAction to accomplish this?

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See here for a possible solution.

Hope this helps.

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this is exactly i m looking for. –  Prasad Jan 26 '10 at 14:20

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