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I wanna write some sort of bowling game on iPhone. I've read about SIO2 and Unity but I want to know developers opinion about what engine fits to my task with minimum efforts. What do you recommend?


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If you're looking to do it in 2D, and don't want to write opengl calls, cocos2d-iphone is free and probably the easiest way to go.

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I think I want it in 3D and I heard that cocos2d is very nice engine. thx! –  Sergnsk Jan 26 '10 at 6:44

As Billamu states on Unity Answers:

First of all Unity actually has a mode called 'Dinosaur' to test how your game might look on an older computer.

As far as I know Unity does not support native 2D functionality and it wasn't designed with older computers in mind. Getting Unity to operate natively in 2d would probably be more trouble than it's worth.

However, developing a 2d game in Unity uses less GPU resources than a 3d one. I think a PC made in the past 10 years should be able to run a 2d game made in Unity without too many problems or slowdown. Anything older than that and you could have trouble.

Finally, development for Unity iPhone usually centers around optimizing code to run quickly. An iPhone 2G has roughly the graphics capability of a PC from say, 1998-2000.

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