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I read the chapter on undo/redo in the Hillegass book. He only goes over document based applications though. I am using pretty much the same code that is in the book, but I get "appController may not respond to -undoManager" when I use the code below. I know that I have to create an Undo Manager explicitly, but exactly how do I do this. Please give me a step by step explanation. Thanks.

-(void)insertObject:(Accounts *)currentAccount inArrayOfAccountsAtIndex:(int)index { NSLog(@"Adding %@ to %@", currentAccount, arrayOfAccounts);

NSUndoManager *undo = [self undoManager];

[[undo prepareWithInvocationTarget:self]
   removeObjectFromArrayOfAccountsAtIndex: index];
if(![undo isUndoing]){
    NSLog(@"After the if(![undo isUndoing]) statement");
    [undo setActionName:@"Insert Account"];

[arrayOfAccounts insertObject:currentAccount atIndex:index];
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I guess there is the initialization of the Undo-Manager missing.


NSUndoManager *undoManager;

at the beginning of your class and

undoManger = [NSUndoManager alloc] init];

in the initialization of your class (for example in "viewDidLoad").

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