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I'm trying to distribute a new version of the app (it can be installed OTA) and I got the error:

"Code Sign error: No matching provisioning profile found: Your build settings specify a provisioning profile with the UUID “AdHocProfile”, however, no such provisioning profile was found. " and Xcode gets stuck in the process of automatically fix the error: automatic fix

I have spent a lot of hours in the weekend looking for a solution here and on the internet, only to get rid of one of the two errors I got when I tried to archive the app to distribute it "Ad Hoc".

I made some capture screens to clarify what I've done:

Provisioning profile at Developer site:

member center

My account: certificates and profiles:


Project Settings:


Target Settings (Xcode changed them when I deleted the line PROVISIONING_PROFILE in project.pbxproj):

target settings

I deleted the line containing PROVISIONING_PROFILE in project.pbxproj, following the directions found in posts similar to this


I also removed both the stable and the beta versions of Xcode and reinstalled it from the App Store. Don't know if it's important, but I removed the beta 5.1.3 with App Cleaner, deleting all the files associated to it.

Since Xcode does not longer show the values on the popup to choose certificates, I am not sure if I choose the correct ones.

Could you please help me to solve this issue?

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Well, I solved this issue going back to a previous version stored in Time Machine, deleting all certificates and profiles both on Developer website and computer, deleted files in ~Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles and the certificates stored in Keychain Access. Also checked in project.pbxproj that no PROVISIONING_PROFILE was set.

Then, I loaded the old version in Xcode and I was able to build and archive it.

After that, the newest version worked again.

By the way, if you try to distribute an app to a device running iOS 7.1, read this

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OMG. Unbelievably worked. Discarded provisioning changes on my git. –  Michal Shatz 2 days ago

Egad… try this first: Our team encountered this exact issue trying to open an updated app with newly download Xcode 5.1 on iOS 7.1 device with a one day tardy profile. Hours later:

Download and install a new profile (as necessary) then:

Make sure the BUNDLE IDENTIFIER in your project's Xcode’s GENERAL view matches verbatim what the profile reads on your Developer WEB portal, and then be sure THAT profile is downloaded & installed in Xcode. Select that profile in your BUILD setting, and you could be solved by now (the App then installed on devices without issue), but we also noticed we could to go back to GENERAL view and the FIX button actually worked: it fixed the "not found" profile

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I had the same issue this morning, and wasted about two hours desperately trying to fix it.

"Code Sign error: No matching provisioning profile found: Your build settings specify a provisioning profile with the UUID "0C60982A-9F45-4737-8135-505126A6DC2E", however, no such provisioning profile was found. "

What I learned is this:

If XCode ever reports that it can't find a Provisioning Profile, but just quotes the GUID, then give up trying to use your initiative, create new Profiles or Certificates, and get ready to hack.

The only way I could stop this error from happening (even after adding valid Provisioning Profiles) was to manually edit the .pbxproj file within the *.xcodeproj package.

Do a search for the GUID within this file, strip it out, and finally - finally - XCode will stop complaining.

Seriously, this is 2014, why is Apple's development environment such a dinosaur ?

Year after year, it's just bad... and they prefer to add a second programming language to it, rather than actually improve its usability.

(Sorry.. I'm in a bad mood after wasting my morning on this...)

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