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I was doing a small script in the past which searches for big files in a specific location. Now I want to create a .txt file with my result. But unfortunately I didn't manage to place the cmdlet correctly. I outfiled other things but, here I have some trouble.

get-childitem  "c:\projects" -recurse | where {$_.length -gt 50mb } | foreach-object {write-host $_.FullName  ("{0:N2}" -f ($_.Length / 1MB)) "MB" -ForegroundColor "green" }

I tried too tee the object and outfile the varible, I tried to put the out-file in the end and i tried to put it before I format the size.

It was only working when I placed it before the formatting. But I'd love to have formatted sizes in my .txt , on the other places it just created a blank .txt file.

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i don't need the color , the font size is always the same. the formatting just formats the bytes to mb. – RayofCommand Jan 27 '14 at 11:11

here is one method, uses Add-Content with -Encoding String to append data. Also plopped your formatted sizes into a variable, so we could pass them around avoiding the pipeline object and allowing us to remain green in the console.

get-childitem  "C:\projects" -recurse | where {$_.length -gt 50mb } | foreach-object {$a = $_.FullName + " " + ("{0:N2}" -f ($_.Length / 1MB)) + "MB" ; write-host $A -ForegroundColor "green";Add-Content -Path C:\text.txt -Value "$a" -Encoding String}
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Get-ChildItem  "c:\projects" -recurse | 
    where {$_.length -gt 50mb } | 
    select FullName, @{Name="MB";Expression={("{0:N2}" -f ($_.Length / 1MB))}} | 
    Format-Table -Wrap -AutoSize | 
    Out-File -FilePath size.txt -Append

I dropped the foreground color as you won't be able to output that, and added Format-Table -AutoSize to fix long path truncation.

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upon testing, this one truncates extra long paths, leaving something like C:\projects\superlongfoldername\subfolder\toolong..... in the output. I could not override with the out-file -Width 255 paramater. – Knuckle-Dragger Jan 27 '14 at 11:49
@Knuckle-Dragger I added Format-Table to fix truncation. Not sure how long of a path that will support though. – beavel Jan 27 '14 at 12:41
Good catch beavel, forgot all about that. Upon searching I found this post which reminded me we must use Format-Table -Wrap -AutoSize for insanely long outputs.… – Knuckle-Dragger Jan 27 '14 at 12:58

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