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How to optimize below code into single or couple steps. Is there any array method to do below stuff?

a.each_slice(2).to_a.each do |nested_arr|
  nested_arr.each do |val|
    row << val
  csv << row  #sample csv object showed here to explain. 

The basic idea behind this is, avoid insertion of bulk data into a single csv file

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"avoid insertion of bulk data into a single csv file" So... you want to split the data into multiple csv files? What are you trying to ask here? – Ajedi32 Jan 27 '14 at 14:19

Do as below :

a.each_slice(2) do |nested_arr|
  csv.puts(nested_arr) # considering csv is a CSV object.

Enumerable#each_slice takes a block, so no need to_a.each part to do with a.each_slice(2). Then use CSV#puts methods to insert the data into the csv object.

I don't know how have you created the csv objects. So here is my approach :

require 'csv'

path = "C:\\Users\\test.csv"
a=(1..8).to_a,"w") do |csv|
    a.each_slice(2) do |nested_arr|
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