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in my rails app, I have an Organization model, with a reference to a User, which I want to be able to access via organization_instance.adminstrator. I'm not sure how to accomplish this using the belongs_to method.

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Nevermind. The proper solution (as I found it), is to do the following:

belongs_to :administrator, :class_name => "User"

interesting what reading the documentation can do for you :D

However, this poses a new question which is not directly apparent from the documentation: How do I generate the migration for this? Would

t.references :user


t.references :administrator

be the correct way?

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The documentation is confusing on this point. Even if it weren't, tfwright's sarcasm is mean and inappropriate. If tfwright believes a particular section of the docs is relevant, he can post a link. Snide "RTFM" type remarks reinforce stupid hierarchies, discourage novice programmers, and constitute a barrier to access to the core function of this site. If you can't contribute to Stack Overflow constructively, go away. – Andrew Cone Aug 26 '14 at 20:04

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