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I have this requirement for web-application wherein a user submits application for certain benefits by entering a set of his personal information. Every user application has an 'AppId'. So lets say a user with AppId 123 is within a flow and exits at a particular state. Next time when he logs in with AppId 123, he should be able to continue from where he left. How can we implement using Spring web-flow 2.3? Does SWF 2.3 has some sort of its own database like lets say a jBPM has?

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Spring Webflow isn't intended to be a workflow management or BPM system. It was designed to make it easier to work with and create complex wizard like forms. Instead of trying to shoehorn SWF into your requirements I would suggest using a proper BPM engine like Activiti for that purpose.

However if you really want to try and shoehorn SWF into your needs I would suggest starting to study the API of SWF. Which at some point will lead you to the ConversationManager (by default a SessionBindingConversationManager) which you could replace with your own custom implementation.

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Thanx for the quick reply.The application we have is a web application with a well defined flow.We wish to implement conditional flow, saving the state of the flow for the user to be able to continue from where he left and having a flexible flow management.It is not really a BPM requirement and that is why using SWF seemed a better option than other tools as it integrates web applications nicely. About our requirement, from my research for the past few days, I understand I would have to implement a custom DB based Conversation Manager. Any guidelines/resources for that would help –  user3240118 Jan 28 '14 at 7:49
Hey..need to implement a custom conversation manager to persist the state of flow in db. How to I go about it? Can anyone provide a step by step guide please? –  user3240118 Feb 3 '14 at 7:29

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