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I have a method in a variable named class that I need to call dynamically, how can I call this:

$foo = "object" 

Where object is a specific class

How do I call this in PHP?

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could not understand your question exactly :( – Sarfraz Jan 26 '10 at 7:11
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The wording of the question is confusing but from what I understand, if you want to set $foo to a specific class, lets call it Foo you can do this:

$foo = new Foo;

Here is our class Foo

class Foo {
  public $aMemberVar = 'aMemberVar Member Variable';
  public $aFuncName = 'aMemberFunc';   

  function aMemberFunc() {
     print 'Inside `aMemberFunc()`';

If you want to access a class variable Foo and set it to a variable you can do this:

 $myVar = 'aMemberVar';
 print $foo->$myVar //prints "aMemberVar Member Variable"

Also to clarify $foo::method() implies that $foo is a static class, and static classes cannot be instantiated but they can call on its class method method() by using the scope resolution operator (::)

Hope this helps.

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See PHP variable variables

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