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I am been trying to connect my android application with my 000Webhost account's MySql Database using PHP.

My Webhost server details are: saravananoct14.web44.net username: xxxx HomeRoot: /home/xxxx ServerName: server10.000webhost.com IPAdress: "ipaddress" MySQL database name:xxxx_sara MySQL user name:xxxx_sarav password for mysql:xxxx!4

my table name is ms. column names:EMAIL_ID,Q1,Q2,Q3.

I have saved my .php files under public_html folder in phpmnMyAdmin.

config.php file is:


define ('DB_USER',"xxxx_sarav");

add.php file:

if(isset($_POST['EMAIL_ID']) && isset($_POST['Q1']) && isset($_POST['Q2']) &&        isset($_POST['Q3'])){

require_once __DIR__.'connect.php';
$db=new DB_CONNECT();
$result=mysql_query("INSERT into ms (EMAIL_ID,Q1,Q2,Q3) values  ('$EMAIL_ID','$Q1','$Q2','$Q3')");
echo json_encode($res);
$res["message"]="Required field(s) missing";
echo json_encode($res);

I have used the same android program to connect it with my local wamp server and it worked. I have given the following string as Url to parsed using JSON parser is: http://"ip address"/add.php .

I am getting errors as Error Parsing the data. Cannot be converted into !Doctype...

I am pretty sure that I must make a change in the url. But could not find what changes I need to implement so that I can connect with the database. Help me pls....

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can you open the php from your webbrowser? –  A.S. Jan 27 at 11:57
Ya..I can open the php file from web browser. –  Dorathy Jan 27 at 12:02
try to change for debug purposes you php to $_GET the variables and give it in the url and check if there is a error –  A.S. Jan 27 at 12:40
I tried and this is the error:Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in path at index 28: http://"ipAddress"/add.php ?EMAIL_ID=sara%40gmail.com&Q1=Good&Q2=Bad&Q3=Internet –  Dorathy Jan 27 at 13:00
nono try this url from your browser now and try to get the body of the httprequest and log it –  A.S. Jan 27 at 13:20

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So after we discussed your Problem a long way I will write an Answer:

  1. Please do not call your webservice via IP, always take the URL (especially when you have a webhoster)
  2. Always check your PHP Skript via a Browser on your PC, you will see the errors directly.
  3. Debug the errors shown by ur php skript
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I tried it.. I could not find any error in add.php file.. Still am getting the error as:Error of value <br><table of type java.lang.String cannot be converted to JSONObject... –  Dorathy Jan 28 at 5:56
Thank you A.S. I corrected my PHP script... !!! and its working !! –  Dorathy Jan 28 at 10:30

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