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I'm new to Meteorjs and was fiddling around with it..

I set up the server to increment a variable in the mongodb collection each second.

// server code
    iAmount = u;
    GameObjects.upsert({_id:u._id}, {$inc:{money:u.house}});
}, 1000);

it works fine until i make the client increment some other value within the same mongo document

// client code
GameObjects.upsert({_id:GameObjects.findOne({owner:Meteor.userId()})['_id']}, {$inc:{house:1}});

so I was wondering why could this happen?

i can see that the setInterval function is still running (if i put a debug console.log in it it will still show something each second). but the update will no longer run.

any help or suggestions would be grateful

thank you

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Do you use autopublish? When do you call that client code? Does findOne returns the correct value, or is the data not yet populated in time of the call? –  Hubert OG Jan 27 '14 at 14:40
@HubertOG I am currently using autopublish.. that like of client code is called when i click a button. findOne is always populated at the time of the call from the client. gist this is the full code that i am working on –  Nokdu Jan 28 '14 at 0:46

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