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Having a bit of a noob moment, not sure whats going on here with my phpunit config xml, Im just setting ups some tests on my windows machine, but having a bit of an issue when I go to run them.

<phpunit bootstrap="bootstrap.php">
        <testsuite name="tests">
            <file>SomeTests.php</file> //This only works if the path is absolute. 

As the comments suggest, the tests are only executed if the path is absolute(C:\wamp\www\blah\test\SomeTest.php). Just leaving it as it is, PhpUnit claims there are no test to run.

I included a non existent bootstrap.php file, assuming it would throw an include error and show me what path it was looking at. Turns out it is looking in the right place, so I am stumped, or missing something obvious. Any help pointing out my noobery would be great.

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Is SomeTests.php in your xml a typo? You don't have to add all the testfiles in your config. You should add the directory containing the tests and let the files and classnames end with "Test" –  SenseException Feb 3 at 22:31

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