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My Application has a login page. After logged in , I have a SplitView . Splitview's detail side has UITab Controller inside it. In tab bar controller , I have logout button which calls the login page on split view.

The issue is;

When SplitView in portrait mode and if I push the logout button ,

login page comes out , and If I rotate device to landscape mode ,

login page disappears and SplitView appears.

When I touch any button on screen , login page comes to screen again.

This problem only happens when I logout in portrait mode. I tried in landscape mode there was not any problem.

Here is sample project ;

In Sample project , (use ipad in portrait mode) firstly you will see a login page with blue button.

Click the button, then you will see a SplitView , in tab bar click "item 1", then click the red button.

Login page comes on screen, when you rotate ipad to landscape mode you will face my issue.

(Note : I set SplitView as initial view.)

Any help is appreciated.

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Will you zip up the project and save the zip file into google drive? Easier to download that way. – Aaron Bratcher Jan 27 '14 at 17:17
you can download project using "File > Download" , its already zipped. – yusema Jan 28 '14 at 7:17

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