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Good morning,

I've a problem with a XamNumericEditor. Even if I set the digits on the mask to something bigger than 9 it only takes 9 significative digits. However if I set it to something smaller than 9 it works. It seems like there is a limit of "9" when editing data type double, is it?

Here is the style I use:

<Style TargetType="{x:Type igEditors:XamNumericEditor}" >

     <Setter  Property="Mask" Value="{}{double:11.2:c}" />


I am using XamDatagrid version 11.1.

I also posted this on Infragistics community but no answer this far.

What am I missing? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help.

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Is this the related thread on the Infragistics site? If so, did installing the service release resolve the issue? – alhalama Jan 26 at 22:06
@Alhalama, yes it is and it was solved there, thanks for updating this post. – Jportelas Jan 29 at 14:55

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