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I follow all steps mentioned in the link given below to upload file add file,list file and get file...All things are going fine..But i have one problem When i download the file(it is downloaded no problem) but when i open it then file is not opening..Like suppose i have downloaded an image then after download if i try to open it erro is photogallry can not open this,may be file format is not supported..I am using window vista..So plz tell me where i am falling wrong...I alos passes headed in get file so that my browser can know what type file is this..In following link i used mysql rather than mysql ietc.

Headers passed are..

header("Content-Type: ". $row['mime']);
header("Content-Length: ". $row['size']);
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=". $row['name']);

The link for tutorial is


Now tell me please what is this problem and how i can download file without any error..I also without using headers but then only temporaray name is displaying beacus in data variable i am storing temproary name

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Make sure the length is set correctly. You probably don't need the header("Content-length: ..."); part. Here is an example of how to download a file with PHP: PHP outputting file attachments with headers

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