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How can I remove all the gems installed using bundle install in a particular RoR project. I don't want to uninstall gems that are used by other projects.

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Since we're using ruby you could do something like this I guess:

bundle list | ruby -e 'ARGF.readlines[1..-1].each {|l| g = l.split(" ");  puts "Removing #{g[1]}"; `gem uninstall --force #{g[1]} -v #{g[2].gsub(/\(|\)/, "")}`; }'

NOTE: Only lightly tested.

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There's no one simple way to remove all gems - let alone removing those within a specific bundle. You could try some of these suggestions: Uninstall all installed gems, in OSX?

Adapt to the bundle show command instead of gem list

For the future, try this approach:

If you install your bundle locally like the example below, the gems won't be installed in your global gem directory. Then you can easily delete the installation folder to delete all gems of the bundle.

# install gems to project_root/vendor/bundle
bundle install --path vendor/bundle --without test

The path option is saved to .bundle/config just like all others and any subsequent bundle install calls will use it unless you set it to something else or remove it from the config!

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+1 I always install them in vendor. It's easier to manage and keep your system clean. –  andHapp Jan 27 '14 at 16:05
@KappaNossi : If I delete the folder. Would that free up the memory occupied by gems installed in the corresponding bundle? –  nish Jan 27 '14 at 16:37
Yes of course. The downside is only that if multiple projects use the same gem, you will have multiple installations of it in the corresponding vendor folders instead of using one central gem in the global gem list. –  KappaNossi Jan 27 '14 at 16:48

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