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I'm looking for a module for the new JDK8 java.time classes. I have looked through the FasterXML GitHub Project Listing and presently found none.

As I understand Jackson is still being compiled against JDK6 so can not use these classes directly and must have this built as a separate module, as was required with Joda.

I don't mind starting the project, though looking to see if any other efforts were already underway.

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The most complete listing of datatype modules would be found from Jackson "portal" page at Github:


which does list "JSR-310: support for "Java 8 Dates" -- experimental, until Java 8 is finalized", as noted by others. Naming is bit opaque, but it refers to the standardization process, via JSR that should be finalized to produce the new Java8 Date API (if it's not already final; process has taken a while).

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Thanks, I did manage to find it immediately after posting the question. –  Brett Ryan Feb 7 '14 at 10:00

My bad, I was looking for a jackson-datatype-jdk8 as was for jackson-datatype-jdk7, however the project was actually created under the JSR name jackson-datatype-jsr310.

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You just need to import the jsr310 module.


If module auto scan is not enable in your project, you will need to register it:

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
mapper.registerModule(new JSR310Module());
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