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Hi i have dictionary projects in android which are more than 100 dictionary, suppose hindi, gujarati, tamil, latin,

All dictionary has some minor changes for example,

-database name are different, -app name is different, -splash screen is different, -icon and app name -some has built in keyboard and some has not

now i want to manage this project, i am using bitbucket with Mercurial for uploading source code and manage repository

my problem is for every small change i have to update all projects, can i manage all project with mercurial?

so if i update one file than whole change should be reflated in all projects

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Is there any particular reason why you have your 100 dictionary applications split into different repositories? – Magnus Bäck Jan 27 '14 at 16:21
actually i was not know how to manage that that's why i have put on different, i know there is some module like that by that i can manage but i didn't experience about that is there any site that helpful for me – Siddhpura Amit Jan 27 '14 at 16:24
Sounds like you'd want to place everything in a single repository and use Android resource management to build the different copies of the application. Some of the differences between your different apps are configured through AndroidManifest.xml, so you could perhaps have 100 copies of that file (it may make sense to generate the files with a script) but use the same source tree for the Java files. – Magnus Bäck Jan 27 '14 at 16:46
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While @MagnusBäck suggested natural Android-way (the best choice), you can try to use Mercurial-way


Each dictionary is branch in single common repo and contain only dictionary (application) specific changes + pure "mainline" for language-independent changes. Each change in mainline must be merged to each branch (1 edit + 100 merges /probably automatic, without conflicts/ instead of 100 edits)


One branch in one repo, dictionary-specific changes maintained by and contained in MQ-patch in patch-queue (one patch per dictionary). After each change you have to apply every path and ensure that it is applied without conflicts (resolve conflicts and refresh patch, if needed)

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Thanks for nice suggestion, my so much hard-work is reduced – Siddhpura Amit Feb 22 '14 at 10:15

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