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I'm following a tutorial to create a slideshow with JavaScript and HTML.

The first image and the "Next" and "Previous" buttons are on the page however when I click on next or previous it says this webpage can not be found. Can someone help me please?

The tutorial can be found here and I have also included the HTML and JavaScript code below.

The html code is:

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
     <title>Image Slideshow</title>
     <script type="text/javascript"
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
     <div align="center">
        <h1>Welcome, Robot Overlords!</h1>
        <img src="images/robot1.jpg"
            id="myPicture" width="200"
            height="400" alt="Slideshow" />
        <h2><a href="previous.html"
            href="next.html" id="nextLink">Next

and The JavaScript code is

window.onload = initLinks;

var myPix = new Array("images/robot1.jpg",
var thisPic = 0;

function initLinks() {
         onclick = processPrevious;
         onclick = processNext;

function processPrevious() {
     if (thisPic == 0) {
        thisPic = myPix.length;
     document.getElementById("myPicture").src =
     return false;

function processNext() {
     if (thisPic == myPix.length) {
         thisPic = 0;

     document.getElementById("myPicture").src =
     return false;
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Add the event parameter e to the processPrevious and processNext functions like so: function processPrevious(e) { ... } and function processNext(e) { ... }. Add this statement as the first statement in each function: e.preventDefault();... –  War10ck Jan 27 '14 at 16:03

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Rather than bind your function in a onload init function, try:

<a href="previous.html" id="prevLink" onclick="processPrevious();return false;">

Chances are your have a js error on the page so the functions are ignored and the a tags just follow the link you have used. Open up the console of your browser and check for syntax errors.

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You have given HTML page url in href of both the links.

But I think you just need to change the image src attribute...

Use href="javascript:" in both the links. So there is no need of event.preventDefault() in this case...

(href="#" scrolls the page to the top).... :)

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