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Friends please help me with a VBscript code or a batch script or any possible way that executes a batch file on remote desktop.

I tried a lot but couldn't succeed.

Note: psexec or any other external tools are not provided.

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I'd recommend a use of a batch file with psexec. Download psexec, copy/paste this into a batch file and edit the variables where needed. I use a similar process on several nightly Control-M jobs.


REM ***** Set path to PSEXEC.exe *****
SET PSEXEC="H:\Utilities\PsTools\psexec.exe"

REM ***** Set path to batch file on remote server (unc paths work)
SET BATCHFILE="C:\path\to\batch.bat"

REM ***** Set server to execute batch on
SET REMOTESERVER="\\testserver"


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