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Right before committing a major change, I accidentally "recovered" the file from an old and outdated swap file in vim. My changes seem to be gone. I've tried exploring the undo tree but large chunks of changes are still missing. Is there anyway I can undo the recover operation or am I doomed?

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What happens when you try to open the file now? Does it say there is still a swap file? –  Explosion Pills Jan 27 at 16:26
On my system I just get one more tilde ~ for every swap file of a swap file of .. open. Did you check that? I mean there should be a file myfile.txt~ which if opened then it causes myfile.txt~~ to be created –  matcheek Jan 27 at 16:27
Yeah, the swap file is still there; there's only one swap file. –  Zach Conn Jan 27 at 16:30

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I just tried this myself (with persistent undo enabled; Vim version 7.3.823). The old changes were still showing (in :undolist, though I usually use a plugin like Gundo or Undotree to visualize it), but when attempting to restore, I get

E438: u_undo: line numbers wrong

Seems like Vim cannot handle this situation. Note that you've been warned; the recovery explictly warns:

Recovery completed. You should check if everything is OK.
E308: Warning: Original file may have been changed
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I just tried to reproduce with latest Vim 7.4.140; there, I got E310 and the old swap file wasn't applied to the updated file (which would have prevented your problem). –  Ingo Karkat Jan 27 at 21:03
I used Undotree with persistent undo enabled and a partial history was available, but like you I encountered the "line numbers wrong" error; applying historical edits resulted in a somewhat garbled source file as a result. –  Zach Conn Jan 28 at 17:06
With Undotree, you can at least grab the diffs between the changes (show in the bottom window) and later apply them by hand. Not ideal, but the best you can hope for. –  Ingo Karkat Jan 28 at 20:09
Yeah -- you've been warned but too late to do anything about it –  JESii Feb 13 at 15:41

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