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<div ng-repeat="object in objects" ng-style="getStyle("></div>



$scope.startWidth = 100;

$scope.getObject = [...]

$scope.getStyle = function(id) {
   var widthVal = $scope.startWidth;
   $scope.StartWidth += $scope.getObject(id).value;
   return { width : widthVal }


This code runs into an infinite $digest loop. I think i know why. The return value should not to be dynamic. But how can i realize that without the loop? I want to display objects with different width. The width of an object depends on a value of the previous object.

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I agree with Ilan's problem description and solution - it works in case the objects array is not going to change, otherwise the widths will be calculated incorrectly. If new objects may be added/removed in runtime then it is better to recalculate the widths when the collection is changed (see $watchCollection method of scope) or on each digest cycle (for short list of elements it shall be fast enough), something like that:

  var widths = [];
  $scope.$watch(function calculateWidths() {
    var tempWidth = 0;
    widths = [];
    angular.forEach($scope.objects, function(obj) {
      tempWidth += obj.value;

  $scope.getStyle = function(idx){
    return {width: widths[idx] + 'px'}

Here is the plunker

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Thanks for your answer! Works fine! – user3241334 Jan 28 '14 at 9:38
Nice work, I improved my answer based on your approach – Ilan Frumer Jan 28 '14 at 9:57

The problem is that ng-style puts a $watchExpression on each child scope.

A $watchExpression must be idempotent, means it must return the same with multiple checks.
If a $watchExpression is still dirty another $digest will be triggered.


After I saw GRaAL nice answer I came up with even better solution:

Here is a demo plunker:


$scope.$watchCollection('objects', function calculateWidths() {
  var tempWidth = 0;
  for( var i = 0; i < $scope.objects.length; i++) {
    tempWidth += $scope.objects[i].value;
    $scope.objects[i].width = tempWidth + 'px';


<div ng-repeat="object in objects" ng-style="{width: object.width}">

old solution

Here is a plunker:

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Thank you for your answer! Because of the changes in objects array i use the solution of GRaAL – user3241334 Jan 28 '14 at 9:36

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