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I have a JQGRid tree. It loads data click by click, not all at once.

Typically, JQGRid passes 4 standard tree parameters with each call - row (level, parent, is leaf, is expanded). How can I pass more parameters that I will take from the row being expanded? E.g. data from Name column should be passed in AJAX call too. There doesn't seem to be OnExpand event or similar.

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This is resolved by editing grid.treegrid.js

Method:     expandNode : function(rc) {
Lines: 344-355

There we can insert custom query parameters before ajax call is made, into PostData array. E.g.

data = $(this).jqGrid("getRowData", rc.id);
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jQuery(”#grid_id”).appendPostData( newdata) replaces or appends new parameters to the array. newdata should be array of type name;value

more: jqGrid Wiki

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