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I have a unsorted list with sortable list items. I'm looking for an event or function to detect when a sortable items is being dragged over an item, that isn't part of the sortable items, for example a div. Code I'm using:

    <li>Item #1</li>
    <li>Item #2</li>        
    <li>Item #3</li>
    <li>Item #4</li>
<div id='detection div'></div>

Jquery sortable:

        placeholder : "ui-state-highlight",
        tolerance : "pointer",
        cursor : "move"

So I'm looking for an event or function which detects when an list item is dragged over the detection div.

Thanks in advance, Simon

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Replace div with li and everything will become simpler and valid. –  dfsq Jan 27 at 18:44
Changed the code to valid html –  Simon Jan 27 at 18:45
Maybe you need draggable? –  dfsq Jan 27 at 18:53
But will I still be able to sort my list items if I use draggable? –  Simon Jan 27 at 18:59

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