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I'm using Datatables with server side processing, and i need to add some extra parameters to my query to do some filtering. This is how my setup looks like:

if($('#example').length) {
    var oTable = $('#listings').dataTable({
        "bProcessing": true,
        "bServerSide": true,
        "sAjaxSource": ajax_url+'?action=load_table_data',
        "fnServerParams": function ( aoData ) {
             aoData.push( { "name": "filters", "value": get_table_filters() } );

    var tableFilterArray = {};
    //Setting up and changing the filters, etc...

    function get_table_filters() {
        return JSON.stringify(tableFilterArray);

The script works fine in Chrome, but fails to run in Firefox, gives me the following error:

ReferenceError: get_table_filters is not defined

Here is a demo: http://jsfiddle.net/HaXUR/3/

What am i missing here?

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Did you try just moving the function up above oTable ? –  adeneo Jan 27 at 19:34
@adeneo shouldn't function declarations like that be available anywhere within their parent function's scope? I think we're not getting all the code here. –  David Sherret Jan 27 at 19:38
@dhsto: Firefox has a special syntax for function declarations that appear in a statement block. It behaves more like a statement instead of a declaration, so it isn't hoisted. That's likely the issue here, but passatgt hasn't provided enough code to be certain. –  cookie monster Jan 27 at 19:40
i'll try to create a jsfiddle to show the issue, its a bit hard because of the ajax source –  passatgt Jan 27 at 19:40
You already have the answer, you're declaring functions inside an if statement, and it's not really valid javascript, but most browsers will allow it, but in firefox there is no hoisting in statements, see the link to MDN –  adeneo Jan 27 at 20:18

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