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Could anyone explain to me the difference between Enterprise Continuum, the Architecture Repository, and the Architecture Content Framework according to TOGAF framework?

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The Architecture Content Framework (with the Content Metamodel) informs on what content to produce at what phase of the ADM cycle, and also gives a model to structure those Architecture Deliverables. The produced content fall into three categories: Deliverables, Artifacts and Building Blocks.

The content framework should therefore be used as a companion to the ADM. The ADM describes what needs to be done to create an architecture and the content framework describes what the architecture should look like once it is done.

Documentation (existing and produces one) is expected to be stored in a repository -- the Enterprise Repository – which is divided into three parts; the Requirement Repository, the Architecture Repository, the Solutions Repository.

The content produced during the ADM cycle is mainly to be stored in the Architecture Repository.

The Enterprise Continuum is the classification method for organizing architecture and solution artifacts, both internal and external to the Architecture Repository. It can be considered as a virtual repository containing the Architecture Repository amongst other things.

A good explanation with the relations to the ADM cycle can be found here: grahamberrisford.com

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If you like to understand it as a layman, Here are my explanation:

Continuum means, "continuous changing at a slow pace". Enterprise continuum means slowly changing enterprises. It's merely a term to prepare the context.

Architecture Repository is like a library where we keep all our books/documents/contents. It has all available or newly created/modified contents related to architecture. It is newly introduced in Togaf 9

Like Architecture Repository, Architecture Content Framework is newly introduced in Togaf 9. It's an improved version of input/output of Togaf 8.1.1. It provides more concrete realization reference for outputs of different phases of ADM.

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