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How can I get WaveDrom to work in IE8? Is there a quick way to do this by including something like js7-js. If not, how difficult would it be to manually add this functionality myself into the library? Thanks!

Is it possible to get something like Raphael.js to get it to work?

Has anyone gotten it to work in IE with the Google Chrome Frame?

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Have you tried it in IE9, IE10 or IE11? According to the page you linked, this software doesn't support IE at all... any version. That may or may not be accurate (I haven't tried it), but it certainly isn't encouraging for you. If it is possible then I would guess that svgweb would be more appropriate than Raphael, and you'll likely need Modernizr as well, and probably other polyfills. But I have my doubts that you're going to get anywhere. My guess is that the simple answer to your question is "No, it's not possible." –  Spudley Jan 28 '14 at 15:37
The project moved to GitHub: wavedrom.github.io It should work with IE11. Let me know if it doesn't. –  drom Jul 27 '14 at 18:37

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