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There is an Ant script which is rsync-ing data to a remote server via an exec statement, however I don't see any method for authentication to the remote server. The script runs as root (OS is Mac OS X), but when I try to SSH to the remote server as Root I get prompted for a password. How do I track down where/how the authentication is happening?

 <exec dir="/usr/bin/" executable="rsync">
     <arg value="-av" /> 
    <arg value="${bluealphaout}" />
    <arg value="Remote_Server::Some_Folder/by_name/" />
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You'll need to show the command-line used to run rsync. I'm guessing it's one of two problems:

  1. Your rsync command is not running over ssh (See the "-e" option in the manual)
  2. Your ssh connection is using an alternative ssh key

For an example of running rsync over ssh (using ANT) see:

Finally, if all else fails (and provided rsync is using ssh), you could check the sshd log file on the remote server to see how the connection is being authenticated using ANT.

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Added exec statement example. The bluealpha variable evaluates to a source directory, no auth info there. – GL2014 Jan 27 '14 at 22:07
@GreggLeventhal no "-e" option to the rsync command. Looks like it's communicating with a remote rsync daemon. In other words not using SSH. Check and see if the RSYNC_PASSWORD environment variable is being set (outside of ANT). – Mark O'Connor Jan 27 '14 at 22:10
Found it! There was an rsyncd.conf on the remote machine it allowed access to this box! Wow, that took a long time to find, thanks! – GL2014 Jan 28 '14 at 2:12

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