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Hi I am stuck at this echo array part. Only getting first item. Please help! All help will be appreciated!

$session = $_SESSION['sessionId'];

$link = mysqli_connect("localhost", "ideajackpot", "random!", "ideajackpot");

if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
    printf("Connect failed: %s\n", mysqli_connect_error());

$result = "SELECT title FROM title WHERE session_id LIKE $session";

$flickrItems = mysqli_query($link, $result);
$flickrArray = mysqli_fetch_array($flickrItems);


foreach($flickrArray as $result) {
    echo $result.' ';
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You're only getting the first row of your SQL query because you are calling mysqli_fetch_array() only once. You need to loop through the results to get all of your returned rows:

while ($flickrArray = mysqli_fetch_array($flickrItems);
    echo $flickrArray['title'].' ';
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I changed it to echo $flickrArray[0].' '; and it's working now thanks! –  Raymond the Developer Jan 27 at 21:22
That would work, too. –  John Conde Jan 27 at 21:23
I'm curious though. This line WHERE session_id LIKE $session shouldn't that be WHERE session_id='$session'? Doing it the other way would need to have % signs, no? –  Fred -ii- Jan 27 at 21:26
This code works. So I guess not. –  Raymond the Developer Jan 27 at 21:36
Ah ok. Bizarre though. I guess there's something I didn't know, that I now know. @RaymondtheDeveloper - Will give that a try sometime. –  Fred -ii- Jan 27 at 21:37

You can try also object oriented aproach:

  $link = new mysqli("localhost", "ideajackpot", "random!", "ideajackpot")

  $flickrItems = $link->query("SELECT title FROM title WHERE session_id LIKE $session");

  while ($flickrItem = $flickrItems->fetch_assoc() ){
        $result[] = $flickrItem;

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thanks i'll keep this in mind –  Raymond the Developer Jan 28 at 9:01

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