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I'm just getting started with d3.js, and so far am quite impressed, both at the library and at my trying to learn this while sick with a bad flu.

I'm having trouble getting my head wrapped around the best way to organize data. Each example I can find on simple pie charts has a slightly different structure to its data. What I am wanting to do I thought would be very simple. I'll list all my goals here, although the primary question remains one of data organization.

I have two sets of data, one is a world-id to world-name mapping:

{ "0": "Worldwide", "104": "Antonia Bayle", "312": "Harla Dar" }

the other dataset consists of some data about these, in this case deity worship for each server, a bit of which looks like:

  "312": {
    "Solusek Ro":160,
    "The Tribunal":144,
    "Rallos Zek":143,
    "Rodcet Nife":56,
    "Mithaniel Marr":36,
    "Anashti Sul":32,
    "Brell Serilis":31,
  }, "0": {
    "Solusek Ro":12193,
    "Rallos Zek":7718,
    "Mithaniel Marr":5950,
    "Anashti Sul":5083,
    "The Tribunal":4851,
    "Rodcet Nife":3684,
    "Brell Serilis":1782,
  } ...

What I would like to do is list the world names in a <select>, and when that one is selected, a pie chart (donut more likely) is rendered for that selection. I would also like to label the pieces, but that may be another question, later. :)

I can see some utility in converting the format into something like:

  "0": {
    label: "Worldwide",
    values: [
      { label: "Bristlebane", value: 12505},

but would appreciate advice on what is "easiest" for d3 to use, so I won't be fighting the system.

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It looks like you should be able to use the data format you have without any modifications. The data you would select already gives you everything you need for a pie chart. – Lars Kotthoff Jan 28 '14 at 8:27
Then it's just a matter of teaching d3 how to consume that format. I'll see if I can get it going and update the question if (when) I have problems. – Michael Graff Jan 28 '14 at 16:18
It would help if you posted the code you want to use with this. – Lars Kotthoff Jan 29 '14 at 10:25
It would help if I had code. :) Right now, I'm still trying to learn if there are conventions of data formatting that can help make my life easier later. – Michael Graff Jan 29 '14 at 21:57
Well, you could structure your data exactly as in one of the examples you've found, but apart from that there's no general guidelines. – Lars Kotthoff Jan 29 '14 at 22:18

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