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As the title suggests, I used os.system("mode con: cols=80 lines=45") to change the size of the console window, but then I lose the privilege of a scroll bar, meaning if I print out out more than 45 lines at once, I cannot scroll back up to the top. Is there a way of re-sizing the window without losing the privilege of a scroll bar?

I should also mention that I am on Windows 8

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what os are you using? –  mhlester Jan 27 at 22:45
I should have mentioned that, sorry. I'm using windows 8 –  KadoDragon Jan 27 at 22:51

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Unfortunately, mode con always sets the console buffer size to be the same as the number of lines specified, which is why you're not seeing the scrollbar. You might have more luck taking a lower level approach as detailed here:

How to control the size of the Windows shell window from within a python script?

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