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I am having a case which is getting around my head.

I have an Image model which I only want to save if it gets uploaded. I also need some information coming from the upload to validate the image(like height and width). But I want only the upload to happen if somebody is trying to save the file the image for the first time.

So I thought the best option would be to have a before_validation, but I would like it to run only on save!

My code is on this gist https://gist.github.com/andreorvalho/b21204977d2b70fdef83

So the weird part is this on: :save and on: :create have really weird behaviours or at least not what I expected.

When I put it as on: :save If I try to do an image.save on a test I can see my before_validation callbacks are not ran!

If I put on: :create is ran in every situation is does not matter if I ran image.save, image.create or image.valid?

So I am guessing this is either not working or I am misunderstanding the goal of those on settings.

p.s. my validation on create, also occurs in every situation save, create or valid?

let me know if anybody ran into the same or knows why is not supposed to work like this.

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Since originally writing this answer, the before_validation callback has been updated to allow restrictions to particular events within the lifecycle of an object. You can now use the following syntax:

before_validation :set_uuid, on: :create
before_validation :upload_to_system, on: [:create, :update]

Old Answer

The before_validation callback will be executed before validation. Every time. You can't limit that to save or create actions specifically I'm afraid.

You should rather be doing something like this:

before_create :set_uuid
after_save :upload_to_system

The on: :create options you're passing are for use within your validations themselves, as you did with the :source_file_path validation.

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Well there is 3 things I have to say about your answer: 1. the validation validates :source_file_path, presence: true, on: :create is also being run on every single time not only on create 2. I cant upload after save because I need what's being done there for my validations. 3. Why doesnt it fail or give an error then, if I cant use on: something here? I mean it's weird that when I pass on on: :save doesnt run for any situation and when I pass on: :create it runs for everything! –  andre.orvalho Jan 28 at 8:49
1. Something else must be wrong then. Those callbacks are an integral part of Rails and are well tested. 2. Why would you want to upload the image to your CDN before you've validated that you're actually going to save it? 3. No idea, but if you read the documentation you'll see that those options are not supported on before_validation –  Jon Jan 28 at 16:22
I guess you were right about the first one, it was working I was just not testing it right! thanks for your clarifications! –  andre.orvalho Feb 12 at 15:45
Hmm, the current Ruby on Rails Guides specifically offer this as an example of how to limit before_validation callbacks to only run on certain operations: "before_validation :normalize_name, on: :create" (from guides.rubyonrails.org/…). Are you sure they are supposed to execute on every action? –  Jazz Nov 18 at 21:29
Nearly a year has passed since I wrote this answer. At the time of writing it was accurate. Thanks for the heads up though - I'll add an update shortly. –  Jon Nov 20 at 7:16

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