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I am moving some code we use into a gem. The code allows you to create breadcrumbs on ActiveRecord models like so:

Parent < ActiveRecord::Base

My question is - how do I use Rspec in my gem to mock/stub these abstract AR objects? So essentially, I need to create 'fake' active record objets, add my has_breadcrumbs to them, then use these mocked records in my specs.

In my spec_helper.rb I'm including:

require 'rubygems'
require 'rails/all'
require 'rspec/rails'

I need to test that the gem is working correctly by ensuring my has_breadcrumbs is responding correctly and allowing me to apply settings against AR models. However, I'm finding this tricky since I don't have a DB instead I need to mock these objects somehow.

Some code examples would be great to give me an idea on what's the best practice for this sort of thing.

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since your gem is using AR it would be awful to not include the AR dependency in your specs. Just create a Model class in your specs and try to test against this model. Here is an example for a Sequel plugin: github.com/sdepold/sequel-bit_fields/blob/master/spec/sequel/…. But this should easily adaptable for AR. –  jethroo Jan 27 at 23:40
If you don't want to use the database, you can use nulldb github.com/nulldb/nulldb –  Christian Sommerauer Jan 28 at 11:13
what does has_breadcrumbs do that you'll be testing? –  Richard Jordan Jan 29 at 9:55
If you're testing your gem properly, you don't need ActiveRecord and if you had some interaction with it within your test you should be stubbing that out. ActiveRecord is tested elsewhere. –  Jon Feb 2 at 18:23

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