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I'm having trouble converting the following HQL-query to Criteria API and I was wondering if I could get some help from you guys

SELECT child FROM Foo AS child 
WHERE child IN (SELECT elements(obj.foos) FROM Bar AS obj WHERE obj.id = ?)

In other words, I want to fetch all Foos that Bar references to in the instance of Bar whose id is equal to ?.

Edit: Note that I don't have a two-way-relation between the entities, so Foo doesn't know which Bars have a reference to it. Secondly, the reference from Bar to Foo is of type ManyToMany.

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These example are not equals to your, but they are similar:

Hibernate Criteria Subquery

Hibernate Criteria With Property Not In (Subquery)

You can use them as example.

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Something like:

List<Foo> foos = session.createCriteria(Foo.class).createAlias("bar", "bar").add(Restrictions.eq("bar.id", 12345)).list();

Corresponds to:

class Foo {
   Bar bar;

class Bar {
   long id;
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Like I said, Foo does NOT have a reference to Bar, it's only Bar that has references to to Foo. –  Kim L Jan 26 '10 at 18:55

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