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I am using a smartgwt window to show some dynamic content. The content is a bunch of collapsible panels that the user can expand as desired. However, whenever the content changes expands, the smartgwt window stays the same. I am expecting that it would draw scrollbars whenever the content changes.

The scrollbars do appear, however, if the user manually resizes the window (that is even by doing a dummy resize, or resizing by 1px).

This question is very similar to this one: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/126881/how-do-i-make-a-gwt-ext-window-not-resize-when-its-content-resizes

However, the solution suggests the use of a setAutoScroll(true) which is no longer a method of window.

Any ideas of a similar method, or a simple workaround?


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If you were using SmartGWT components for the content, the SmartGWT Window would automatically respond and show scrollbars.

Since you're using something else, SmartGWT does not receive a notification that the components have changed size, however, you can place all the components into a SmartGWT Canvas container and call adjustForContent() whenever the size of the components changes.


Note that this is one of many reasons why we recommend avoiding mixing different component sets (eg GWT built-in widgets and SmartGWT widgets) - other problems include maintaining the tab order, pixel-perfect layout, and modality coordination. Explained in more detail here:


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Thanks, I went with the first option to avoid having to change to much, and now it works great. –  krishnaz Jan 26 '10 at 14:55

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